Virtual Faxing

Virtual Faxing, sometimes referred to as Internet Faxing or vFax, has many advantages and much lower costs when compared to the use of traditional fax machines. Virtual Faxing is one of the few things in life that doesn’t seem to have a down side. All your incoming faxes can be automatically translated and delivered directly into you email inbox. Outgoing faxes can be sent directly from your PC’s applications or scanned for delivery. Perhaps the most overlooked cost advantage is that a you can eliminate one of the office’s expensive telephone land lines and replace it with an inexpensive and better fax service. Combine the sizable monthly phone line savings with the elimination of  fax repair and supply costs and the annual savings could amount to hundreds of dollars while vastly improving convenience and capability.  

– Send and Receive faxes as email

– Print only what you need to print

– Block email spammers

– Eliminate expensive land lines

– Never purchase supplies again

– Put an end to waiting on a busy fax

– Increase privacy and save paper

– Send the same fax to multiple recipients

– Keep copies of sent/received faxes

– Enjoy the benefit of having better records 

– Reclaim valuable office space

all the conveniences without any of the hassles